Dreams of a little girl to touch the sky

What's so high up in the sky? I really don’t know. Why do I get filled up with curiosity every time about that far away space up above so high?

What I can just see is empty space with millions and billions of stars shining at night time. Sometimes, I just wonder there must be a magician who has designed this world uniquely perfect.

Is there really a magician or should I say “GOD”? I don’t know how to bring out the truth that can answer all my questions and clear my doubts.

Yes, I dream, not regularly but very often to carry all my belongings and set off for the faraway magical and mysterious land where there might be fully different kinds of humans, creatures, animals.

The teachers at our school use to say our galaxy is real big and our planet home or Earth is in the middle of that huge and unimaginable big galaxy. Having that heard, I keep questioning myself- “Is it like a one drop water in a huge sea?”

Just the same as we are unable to see the entirety of the sea sitting across the beach, we cannot also figure out how big our galaxy is. Our teachers have also taught us about the other planets of our Solar System.

Every time I come across hundreds of planets apart from our Earth, I get curious and can’t keep my mind calm until I figure out where the other planets have come from.

Also, this question comes to my mind sometimes- “There has to be a purpose of the creation of Earth and that is why we humans live here, but what about the rest of the planets? Why do they exist in our solar system?”

Not only there are only these few planets besides our Earth, but hundreds and millions and billions of stars, planets, galaxies and so on.

Just imagine, we humans keep getting surprised only with our own solar system, how magnificent and mysterious could be the other places on space where we might never get the chance to visit or explore its beauty :)

I wish I also had the capability to have the access to see what’s beyond what we humans see up above in the sky. Whatever is there around, I feel pure and blessed to be a part of this divine creation of this galaxy.

I feel good about learning the facts of Astronomy, there are many renowned scientists who’ve been able to research and gather information about the outer space and till now there have been space theories and controversies as well.

Even I’ve heard there are certain chances that some sort of other creatures (Aliens) may exist, too. The term “Aliens” is thrilling to me and I could never deny this fact that other species or creatures exist apart from humans beings in this unimaginable big galaxy.

I wish a day will come one day when I’ll have my two wings and fly worry-free to the world where I’ll not get time even to stop praising the divine creator for whom this galaxy holds this level of indescribable beauty :)

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  1. True. The world is magnificent and we simply can’t comprehend how intricate it has been designed.