How far are you willing to go, Corona?

Oh, Corona! No, she isn’t a girl that I am talking about. It’s the deadliest Coronavirus. This newly found virus nowadays is trending on every social media platform and has filled the hearts of millions from all around the world with utmost fear. 

At first, the people of China got affected by the Coronavirus and gradually it started spreading among many countries worldwide. Recently it has been detected in India and I am afraid how far the virus is gonna spread and how many people will suffer that I don’t wish to happen anyhow.

Why did you enter into the earth, Coronavirus? What led you to grow up at such a faster speed that scientists are even not getting the necessary amount of time to aware people of the proper precautions?

Do you know how many innocent people have been suffering due to you? Mostly in China, many brothers and sisters haven’t been able to survive only because of you.

I don’t know what harmful elements you’re made up of that you can just cause even death to a person within a fraction of second or in no time, but I just want you to go away from the lives of human beings and bring back the freedom to live life ordinarily as everything was before. 

Oh Coronavirus! Please don’t get spread to other the remaining countries that our mother Earth had given birth to. Let the people live peacefully, without fear of today’s most highlighted and discussed topic- “Coronavirus”.

Just don’t be aware of this fact that you are alive or you ever existed. I just want you to be unnoticed and that is highly important to me as well as the rest of the beautiful world. 

May the Almighty God bless the world :)

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